Deborah & Barak

We got to see how God was with the Israelites when they fought for the land he had promised them. This week, we'll learn about Israel's cycle of apostasy -- when they would turn from God to go their own way. Click the buttons below to find things to can do as a family or that your kids can do independently throughout the week. Pick and choose which things are best for your family! Tag our facebook page so that we can see what you're doing!


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We work to provide a safe and fun environment where our children can experience the love of Jesus and learn about God’s plan for our salvation. Here is how we accomplish this:
  • Before working with minors, all team members must pass an extensive background check and complete training through ProtectMyMinistry which helps them identify potential threats to our children.
  • The facility we use at American Academy is under continually recorded video surveillance. We can access these recordings through the school’s administration.
  • We maintain a single, controlled entry point to our children’s area. Only parents/guardians and approved team members are allowed in the children’s area. Parents/guardians are accompanied by a team member at all times.
  • Our check-in process utilizes a matching number system. Our team verifies that your number matches that of your child's before he/she is released to you. We can also note any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.
9:00 am - 9:45 am 
WarmUp to Worship is a bible study time meant  for K-5th graders.
This time includes:
  • An interactive Bible lesson that follows a curriculum specifically designed to make disciples of our school-aged children.
  • A clear gospel presentation that they can understand.

Warm Up to Worship ends at 9:45 am so kids can attend worship. If you're new,  we'll share a yellow, church bag that includes activity pages, crayons, and small craft supplies to be returned to check-in after worship.  
Drop off is from 9:45 am-10 am.
Infants through pre-k children are provided with a safe and structured environment while parents attend our worship service. We teach bible lessons chronologically with an emphasis on Christ as the center of God’s unfolding story. The lessons are interactive and include games, songs, videos, pictures, and sensory activities.